Enjoy yourself X Men’s wear

Hey hey buddies !

How is everyone doing?

We feel pretty awesome 🙂

However we have to admit that the weather annoyed us a lot lately. Bring on Spring!!

These recent weather patterns have had a huge impact on our mood.
This is the reason why it is very important to stay active, dynamic, and do what we love in order to avoid a depressing and heavy-hearted routine during our day.

For those who don’t know, we are two students and we can assure you that we have been through that circle even for a short period of time before! Not doing what we love is so frustrating.

We are not going to complain further because of what we have.  Some people don’t even have half of it. What is important is that we keep dreaming and do whatever it takes to achieve your goals in life, no matter the circumstances!

We feel that having this blog makes us very happy. Having new challenges, evaluate, meeting new people, and we get to share with you… it’s for us a real pleasure, and we realize our dreams further day by day!

The most difficult part is to give ourselves the means and the energy to do it. Putting everything in order and then accepting to move on step by step to reach the goal. That’s the right formula for life.

Friends, we truly believe that it’s important to do what we love, no matter which field, whatever your desires, or interests (as far as reasonable of course lol).

Everyday life can be depressing enough and gloom may constantly be around the corner waiting for us to pay attention too, trying to settle in our lives. The best solution to avoid them? LIVE LIVE AND LIVE like today is best day of your life!

It involves a whole lot of things to know how, to love what we do, you need to laugh every day, make things happen for you to make you feel more alive.

Take time for yourself and DO WHAT YOU LIKE AND WHAT MAKES YOU FEEL ALIVE because this the key to happiness – Golden’s word lol!

Life is getting better now. SPRING has arrived and we hope we will have nice days, a little less frosty and maybe even sunny.

Our outfits:

We had to share with you these little nuggets of coats found on the shelf at ZARA.
Moreover, we should talk about the beauty and quality of clothing (in general) in the men's department stores ... do not neglect them!

Meanwhile, C has concocted a little outfit all black everything composed of a 7/8 trousers and a ZARA turtleneck with ZARA pearl boots (big trend of the moment), highlighted by this magnificent red coat for men ZARA (that you have appreciated on Instagram, it makes us so happy;).

G's choice was in a MOTEL blouse, a PRIMARK tank top, a mom jeans and a ZARA bag as well as ASOS ankle boots.

Tell us what you think about it <3
We are also curious to know what makes you dream, what you like to do?
What contributes greatly to your happiness ??

Be Golden, Stay Connected

Golden Connection

Thanks Fatou for the pics (Instagram, Site)



Golden Connexion : enjoy yourselfGolden Connexion : enjoy yourselfGolden Connexion : enjoy yourselfGolden Connexion : enjoy yourselfGolden Connexion : enjoy yourselfGolden Connexion : enjoy yourselfGolden Connexion : enjoy yourselfGolden Connexion : enjoy yourselfGolden Connexion : enjoy yourselfGolden Connexion : enjoy yourself

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