People you do not want around you

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Let’s directly get into to the heart of the subject on the blog fo once 😉

There are some people you do not want around you. People who kills your good vibes, who feel and have bad intentions. We knew some people like that personally, we heard about some talking to friends, or just saw this kind of people by observing human behavior around us. It’s crazy all that you can also learn through the experience of other 🙂 .

Among the people you do not want in your life, do you know the jealous competitor? Yes … no … maybe it speaks to you haha?

In this post, we will call the jealous competitor John Doe (haha you know the name we use to refer to unidentified people). Here, John Doe could be someone around you, a colleague, a friend…

We identified 3 types of behaviors of the jealous competitor. You’ll see, it’s pretty funny.

1- John Doe wants to see you moving forward but never more than him

Mr Doe would like you to get what you worked hard for but never more than him. For example, John tolerates that you have a nice car but your car should never be nicer than his. Indeed, this scenario would make him mad with jealousy loool.

Our little Johnny is always trying to find out if you are less “advanced” than him only to reassure himself. In this regard, he will ask for news about your request for salary increase, not out of kindness, but to know whether or not his financial situation is better.

In short, John Doe is a jealous competitor who competes with you in all areas.

2- John Doe supports you in front of you but secretly hopes that you fail

Ah John says he wish you the best and doesn’t miss a single opportunity to shout it loudly.

Unfortunately sometimes appearances are misleading because John has never confessed but he secretly envy this talent that you have and that he would have loved to have.

Poor Johnny, instead of appreciating his own strengths or trying to discover them, is obsessed with what he sees in you and doesn’t have.

He secretly hopes that you fail because seeing you succeed where he feels unable to do would drive him crazy.

3- John Doe categorically refuses that you buy the same thing as him

Hahaha this is an attitude that we don’t understand at all. How can we be rage that a loved one buys the same jacket, the same pair of shoes or the same socks after seeing it on us.

Anyway, John Doe looks down on you if you have the misfortune to “copy” .. LOL.

Can not we just want everyone to be happy?

If you know this type of person, feel free to share this article haha.
If you recognize yourself as a jealous competitor, it may hide some insecurities but it does not matter.
It is a good thing to recognize our flaws since it is by becoming fully aware of it that we can improve ourselves and become a better version of us.

Our outfits:

C wears ASOS striped pants, a turtleneck and jacket from ZARA and a bag from a small boutique in Rome.

G is wearing a MISSGUIDED polka dot suit and a FOREVER 21 bag.
Her outfit matches completely with the CELINE advertising haha.
What a coincidence lol ! 😉

We are both wearing  NIKE AIR MAX 95 sneakers and PROMOD coats.

What do you think of the jealous competitor?

Would you like to see more article in sneakers on the blog?

Be Golden, Stay Connected,

Golden Connexion

Golden Connexion : people you do not want around youGolden Connexion : people you do not want around you Golden Connexion : people you do not want around you Golden Connexion : people you do not want around you Golden Connexion : people you do not want around you Golden Connexion : people you do not want around you Golden Connexion : people you do not want around you Golden Connexion : people you do not want around you

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  1. JD

    I would want BOTH of you around me!! 😉 I like these outfits, especially the dots!! x xx

    January 28, 2019 Reply
    • GoldenConnexion

      hahahahah!! this is nice of you! We will have to do other polka dot outfits then 🙂

      January 28, 2019 Reply

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