Why you should make yourself happy ?

Hello everyone,

First of all, we wish you a merry Christmas and send you our best greetings for the New Year coming.

We are back today with a topic that sticks perfectly to the period: How to make yourself happy!

Yeeees !! It is so important to know or to learn how to make yourself happy buddies. It’s an essential thing in your life.

Making yourself happy is the first step to avoid frustration and escape the bitterness. This involves several things such as :
Spoiling yourself once in a while and do something you really want at a precise moment.
Learning to reward yourself for the efforts you have provided. It means to love yourself. Yes,Yes, you heard us right, this is the equivalent of self-love because that includes taking care of yourself and contributing to your own well-being. Aaaaand this is all the wishes we have for you.

Want to take theses Ferrero chocolates that are smiling at you at the store’s cashier? DO IT
Want to take a break and leave for a weekend with your best friend or your lover after a tough period of work ? Get organized and GO FOR IT.
Or just the desire to buy this expensive item you saw in a shop and that you have been dying to have for such a long time… ? A little bit of organization and BUY IT

The choice is all yours according to your taste and personality. And honestly… from time to time, it has never hurt anybody. It gives a balm to the heart and you would feel like putting a little spice into your daily life.

It is about giving yourself some gifts and «me-time». Making yourself happy can help you get back on your feet. Everything is connected. However, act with moderation, within reasonable limits… (little clarification for those who would see an opportunity to break the piggy bank for no reason lol)

As far as possible and according to your resources, do not hesitate to pamper yourself. Who could take care of you better than yourself ??? (All together …) NOBODY !! SO LET’S DO IT.

Anyway, recently we pleased ourselves by doing some shopping. We did a haul and try on video and shared it with you on our youtube channel 😉

Tell us, what do you do to make yourself happy ?

Xoxo Be Golden, Stay Connected,

Golden Connexion

Top: Newlook
Choker/Jeans/Shoes: Zara
Clutch bag: Mango
Leather jacket: American Retro

Top: H&M
Pants/Heels: Zara
Faux fur coat: Thrift Shop
Bag: Zara

Photo credit: Louis-Philippe Sebas @louisphilippesebas

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