Wax mania

Heey guuuys,

We are back. Here we go again for the last post (FINALLY lol !) on our trip to Ivory Coast (We will talk about other subjects equally cool, promised ;).

It was just UNIMAGINABLE for us to leave Abidjan hands (luggage) empty. It was absolutely necessary to have african outfits done in wax fabric lol.
You should know that the loin cloth occupies a prominent position in the Ivorian clothing culture (and in many other countries in Africa of course ;). Moreover, it is THE basic attire that many women wear, as is the tradition, tied to the kidneys.

We also find the loin cloth worn in a more “current” way when used to sew dresses, tops or shirts.
Just by walking through the streets of Abidjan, we have noticed the presence of several shops that are dedicated to the sale of wax clothes and wax attire. Advertising for this type of store is very present in the corner.

You’ll understand the wax fabric is so popular in Côte d’Ivoire that it is sold in supermarkets!

Let’s go baaaaaaaaaaack on the main topic lol: our outfits in wax fabric.
Basically, we went to see two couturiers provided with drawings and inspirational pictures found on pinterest as models for replication.
Guys, It would be to long to detail you pricesely the entire story to reach our goal (Crossing of the city to find THE couturier we heard about, the obstacle course to find the loin cloth we wanted, the lack of material to finish one of the dresses. Two days before leaving Abidjan, we could not reach the couturier on the phone to know if he managed to finish and, finally, getting our clothes the day of departure at the airport two hours before the takeoff ..). In short, our hearts have taken a hit, cold sweats and everything that follows. The struggle was real (joke)

Well, it’s still important to specify that some couturiers out there are not really serious lol! Between appointments not honored, avoided calls and so on … better be ready.
That being said, it’s just amazing to see that they are able to sew WITHOUT any pattern, ONLY using a picture! PURE TALENT! See yourself in picture:)

We shoot with @Dutapic.
We really wanted to bring out these gorgeous dresses in wax. Hoping you will like it, let us know what you think 😉

Be Golden, Stay Connected,

Golden Connexion

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  1. JD

    I followed the link here and was blown away by these dresses. You both look stunning!! I love these bright prints, they are so eye catching and you both are so elegant and classy in the dresses. My favourite of C’s is the red and yellow dress, wow you look breathtaking in that dress! 😉 The back is so sexy even G cant take her eyes and hands off you!! lol and who can blame her, what a beautiful shape u have with this style of dress. G, you look ready for the Oscars in that one shoulder red dress, so elegant, but my favourite is the second one with the white and blue background and the red and yellow flowers. The penultimate pic of u is so beautiful, you look gorgeous and your lips are stunning! 😉 I look forward to seeing more like this and I always enjoy reading your replies too. x x x x

    December 04, 2017 Reply
    • GoldenConnexion

      WOW thank you SO much for taking time to read our post and take a look at all our pics. This is so sweet of you. Thank you for the support <3

      December 05, 2017 Reply

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