What we do not learn at school

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In our last article, we shared with you our 5 tips for a successful back to school ! Today, we wanted to talk to you about those things that we do not learn at school and that we wish we knew at the end of high school.

These things are about getting good results, studies, and working hard to get a good job in a “good” company.

1- Learn to get good results
However this is not the only criterion of success …

When we were children, we did not wonder why we had to learn a lesson by heart. We learn it and that’s all because the goal was to get good results.
It is only by growing up that we select the subjects to learn a little more than others and the subjects to learn less according to the coefficients. We became real strategists hahaha !!

It is true that we are taught the basics, a lot of things that will serve us all our lives but especially things that we will forget (isn’t it?).

Let’s say that we are taught general things that allow us to acquire knowledge and discover our various skills. It’s up to us to use it wisely.

Having good results does not necessarily mean that you will have a good job because motivation, opportunities and the professional network … also come into account.

2- Choose your studies quickly
And you better take the right decision…

Sometimes it happens that we throw the head first in fields recognized as having many opportunities without even having an idea of ​​what awaits us. We are moving towards fields of study recommended by our parents because they themselves have carry on the same studies or just to make them happy. Our parents want the best for us so we we listen to them.

All this leads sometimes to errors in school orientation because we realizes that we are not happy with our studies.

The more we grow up, the less we can learn things that do not interest us.

However, there are people who have the ability to memorize things that they do not like. Please guys, do not compare yourself with those people who manage to finish the studies they started no matter what lol !
Indeed, many people manage to go through all steps but decide to move to a completely different field at the end of their studies. Others opt for a professional retraining because they were not fulfilled at the position they held.

Learn to celebrate the little advancements you are making without comparing them to others !

There are ALWAYS ways to bounce back after making a mistake. Never forget that!

3- Work hard to get a good job in a “good” company

Work hard at school to get a good job and make a lot of money. That is what they kept repeating to us.

We are not taught to be our own boss or to try to get a job that really fulfills us.
One thing is for sure, not everyone has the entrepreneurial fiber but we think it would be great to talk about this possibility at school.

Find the field that interests you and that puts glitter in your eyes is to find happiness.
So go to the pursuit of your happiness!

What do you think ?

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  1. JD

    I like these outfits!! You both look so simple and sophisticated. Low-key glamorous!! I really like your style it is subtle but also says so much at the same time. And you both have such good taste in shoes too!! C, those are some sexy sexy heels you are wearing!! And I love those pants on you, I like your pose in the first picture-bam!!! You are rocking those pants lol!! I really like the second picture, such a pretty picture of you both, but you saved the best until last- the final picture is just perfect!!! You both look stun-ning!!! The background works so well too with your outfits, really top quality picture of two beautiful ladies!! 😉 😉 10 out of 10!! x x x x

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      Thank you a lot ?
      We always so happy to read your comments and your kind words ?

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